Appreciation Time

After a year and a half in Victoria – Australia, the forever changing weather, BBQs, amazing craft beers, feasts of any cuisine I craved and road trips for cave diving, I finally decided on a date to return to the life I had been living since 2010 – a full time diving instructor.


Pic: Tank Cave – South Australia


With a lot of patience, hard work and help from my family, my mission on returning home to tie up loose ends was completed and then some.

Pic: Kilsbys Sinkhole – South Australia


I’m proud to say that I managed to complete a diploma in business management, start a business called Dive Like A Ninja, get my Australian driver’s License back after 10 years, buy a car, a drysuit and a rebreather. All whilst trying to find a balance of making money and diving.


Pic: Sidemount Course underway in Portarlington – Victoria


Pic: Scuba Refresher at St. Leonards – Victoria


After launching Dive Like A Ninja and starting to build some clientele I was able to return to a very familiar island in Thailand – Koh Tao, to teach both recreational and technical courses. The ability to do this reinforced my love for this industry.


Pic: Advanced Nitrox + Deco Pro Course underway in Thailand. Welcome to the classroom and delicious local treats.


I soon realised how difficult it is being solely a freelance instructor so I had to try and come to terms with having a non-diving job throughout the business week and diving/teaching on the weekend. This took some time and energy and eventually I started looking more seriously at returning to Mexico.

Whilst I felt slightly accomplished, I constantly missed the life style of being able to dive and teach everyday but more importantly I missed being challenged.

Being home to Australia made me appreciate my life as a dive instructor where ever it may be, more so in Mexico. Cave diving and Instructing is in a league of its own, especially here so why not fully immerse?!

My chosen lifestyle consists of being surrounded by inspirational people, inspirational divers, I have the support of an amazing dive centre (ProTec) and I am in the best learning environment for instructor development.

Pic: Cave guiding at Cenote Jailhouse 


No time for slowing down here. So good to back!!!


Article written by Tamara May

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Instructor Q & A: Tamara


How long have you been at ProTec?

I started with ProTec Tulum in 2016,


What’s your favourite thing about working at ProTec?

The opportunity to dive and learn from such accomplished divers in the industry. The team mentality and family feel is what is different about ProTec.

What is your most memorable moment in diving? 

My most memorable moment would have to be my first dive by boat in Thailand. Looking back up to the surface through a school of fish and realizing the complete experience of being underwater.


What is your favourite dive in Mexico?

I have many, a stand out dive for me here in Mexico would be my first DPV double stage cave dive to the back of Cenote Nariz.


What is your teaching philosophy?

Practise, repetition, and keep calm ‘Slow is smooth, smooth is fast’.


Any advice for people wanting to come and train with us?

Come with passion, be open minded with a will to learn.


When not diving what do you do for fun?

Eat, Cook, enjoy the company of my friends, photography.


If you weren’t a diver, what would your profession be?

I would love to be a carpenter.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Potentially with my own quaint dive centre, somewhere beachside, good food, good vibes. Dive Like A Ninja.


If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and why?

Easy – To be able to fly.

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