Creation and construction of ProTec Tulum Divecenter Mexico

Hello everyone, here it goes. My first ever entry for a blog, how did we get here and what are we trying to accomplish?
My name is Kim Davidsson and I am one of the three partners in the new dive shop, ProTec Tulum. Funny how life goes sometimes, I remember it like yesterday even though it’s quite a while back now. Me and Patrick were resurveying and exploring in a cave called “Lycka” when I asked him the question, “how come you don’t make a ProTec in Tulum”? Patrick smiled and answered, “how do you know we are not thinking about it and how do you know we are not thinking about possibly doing something with you”? Wow, I got a serious head rush from what he said, felt the adrenalin and the stomach shrunk. “What did he just say”? I thought for myself and the real question for me was, “what do I really want to do, for me and for my family”? And “What can I do for me, my family and ProTec Tulum”?
Time passed, we had meetings, we wrote emails, we discussed back and forth. I decided it was a go and I decided it was a no, we went about 360 degrees on everything a few times but what really struck me was the more we talked and planned the more I realized that we share some great ideas and values and it really felt like we were in the process of creating something very, very cool and unique. As a team we complement each other very well. What I felt was that I, with my two partners have the chance to create the dive shop of our dreams. I realized that I have the opportunity to take it to “the next level” and being part and create something great, ProTec Tulum. Once I finally flipped the switch in my head about becoming a shop owner and that it’s also the right decision for my future and family, there was no turning back and at the moment it feels nothing but right and I would not have it any other way…
So “heads up” and “buckle up” because as of right now we are at “full power” and the goal is set, we will make a “kick ass” shop!

So back to the main point, what are we trying to accomplish and what does a “dream shop” or “kick ass” shop mean for us?
Here are our thoughts and most important to us, what do you think about them? If you have any suggestions or ideas please don’t be shy to email us, help us create your “dream shop” to…
How about:

  • Creating a 200m2 big lounge area and meeting point for local and visiting divers on the roof of the shop. We will arrange events, BBQ´s, have Wifi, hammocks, sofas, tables, shaded areas and just a nice place to chill after diving. This area will be independent from the shop and access will be through a spiral staircase from the outside and believe us, EVERYONE is welcome! As long as you are a nice individual.
  • Full retail area and we will try to have a packed shop at all times. Whatever you might need, we want to have it for you.
  • CCR area and camera area, special room equipped and setup for your pre dive and post care needs.
  • All the tanks and any sizes to accommodate all flavors and needs.
  • Big and spacious local that is easy to find and access and close to the best cave diving in the world. It also has excellent parking options. Besides the shops 4 private parking spaces it is located on a huge street.
  • Arrangement of workshops and seminars and special diving theme weeks.
  • Wet area equipped for equipment wash down and drying.
  • Workshop area where you can fix with your equipment, fully equipped with tools.
  • Two comfortable, nice and modern interactive classrooms with big screens and computers for video debriefings and presentations.
  • Fill station with ALL the gases you ever could need and to any pressure.
  • Equipment storage area where you can safely store and charge your equipment. During courses and guiding you get your own mini storage unit that you safely can lock. Each storage unit will accommodate up to three divers. They are also available for a daily, weekly or monthly rent for independent divers, doing their own thing.
  • One place, one solution for all your needs to any level of diving and training. We are almost there and we are thinking to open the doors and have the grand opening June 1st. We will of course sneak open before that and we will start working out of the shop in the beginning of May. So what are you waiting for? Come join us at our new shop and let us show you some new places or teach you some new things, we are looking forwards to possible seeing you in Tulum.

Thanks for the word / Kim Davidsson


1 Jonas Pavletic { 04.16.11 at 3:36 pm }

Best of luck to both Pro Tec in general and Kim&staff in specific. Really looking forward to visiting the described “KickAss-shop” 🙂

2 Andrea { 04.16.11 at 11:11 pm }

Nearby Lulu (Villa Matisse), nearby Azafran (Michaela and Rene) and nearby El Asadero, and ALL gases –> the perfect place!


groetjes – with kind reagard Tjibbe and Andrea

3 Aaron { 04.17.11 at 8:33 am }

All I can say is wow! I can’t wait to visit. Good luck.

4 Patrick { 04.17.11 at 10:40 am }

Thanks guys we appreciate it and are looking fwd to welcome you there!!!!

5 Kim Davidsson { 04.17.11 at 9:52 pm }


Thanks for the kind comments.

Best regards / Kim

6 Erik Dasque { 04.22.11 at 4:17 am }

I don’t know Pro Tec’s existing location. Keeping that in mind, how do the two location differ in terms of the type of diving, dive training. not in your capacity to train but more the personality inherent to the dives there.

7 Patrick { 04.25.11 at 6:46 am }

Hi Erik,

The main difference is the proximity to the caves. Sites like Grand Cenote, Mayan Blue, Carwash, Muchachos, Mud, Vaca Ha, Tortugas, Kim Ha, Naharon, Dos Pisos, Chan Hol, Ox Bel Ha, Sac Be, Kaan Luum, Jail House etc are now only 5-10min driving from our shop.
The other difference is seize, our new shop in Tulum, has 220m2 space, perfect to handle everything from a solo diver to a group of 20 people!

I hope this answers your question a little but the best way to find out for sure is simply to visit us there and check it out!!!


8 Kim Davidsson { 04.25.11 at 7:21 am }

Hi Erik

Not exactly what you asked about, but valid points…

Other difference for possible choosing between the two shops is the difference between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. Were Tulum is a very small town and Playa is a bigger city. So depending on what you are looking for when you don’t dive that could also weight in…

Cheers / Kim

9 Barbara Dwyer { 05.08.11 at 8:35 am }

Your new shop sounds wonderful. ‘Can’t wait to see it when we visit in December. Wishing you all the best.
Barbara & Neil

10 Patrick { 05.10.11 at 9:43 pm }

Thanks, looking fwd to welcome you there!!!

11 Karel Levrau { 05.11.11 at 7:19 am }

Hi guys,

looks super great….can’t wait to get wet with you guys..


12 Steve { 05.31.11 at 5:38 pm }

I was just there 28 May 2011. The shop is beyond nice and it isn’t even comleted. kim has a great and excited attitude. I have no doubts as a shop owner in the states and tech and cave instructor that he will quickly rise to the top in Tulum. My best wishes to Kim, his family and all the staff at Protec. While it may seem scary to venture out, it is what is around the next bend that keeps us going! For Kim, the sky is truly not the limit.

Steve Cushman

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