Multistage Course and Cave Exploration

Last week I was down in Tulum to teach a Multistage course to Henric and Markus from Sweden. The two had just finished up their tec cave course with Kim and so came optimal prepared to the course.

This also gave us the oportunety to mix things up a little and do some deeper longer dives involving decompression . We chose mainly Naharon, Mayan Blue and Regina to train. Like always though we started off with some theory and a confined water session. Main topics where team positioning during the switching and decompression, staging procedure and protoclol, emergency procedures with picking up and switching in zero visibility combined with gas sharing, and percental decompression calculations for given gasses and depths. And also technique how to handle more then two stages. For me the highlight were definitly the two last big 2 hour plus dives in Mayan Blue towards Nahron and the last dive in Regina down to the 100ft/30mtr level. On both dives we used 32% EAN as backgas and in two 80CUF/12ltr stages as well as a 40CUF/5.5ltr tank with oxygen at the entrance. The two had to deal with out of gas emergencies, zero visibility, burst disc and regulator failures, light failures only to name a few. Both where very focused and had a very positive attitude and definitly enjoyed the dives we did.

After that Hans member of the quiet diver exploration team came to town and so it was cave spanking time =)
We started off exploring in Cenote Lycka and managed to squeeze in a couple hundred feet of line, resurveyed some import parts and where continuing to look for leads that would bring us further south. A great day and perfect start for a week of exploration. The next day we went to recent rediscovered cenote ek be where we had spent hours the week before to clean a path that would facilitate equipment transportation.

In the following days the team was lucky enough to find a lot of going cave and add more then 6600feet/2km of new lines to the system. Nothing better then to be out there in the jungle doing what you love most while spending quality time with great friends and seeing their faces when they surface with two empty reels!!!

The coming weeks have a normoxic trimix class on the schedule, advanced sidemount and a advanced nitrox instructor course … I am psyched!!!



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