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ProTec Newsletter June 2011 – Cave diving Mexico

ProTec Newsletter – What is going on with ProTec in Mexico

ProTec Tulum Dive Center & Advanced Training Facility
We are proud to anounce that the paint is dry, the compressor is almost here, the lights are on, the water is running, the air conditioners are working, the doors are open and we are coming close to be open for business. After 4 month of remodelation we are scheduled to finally open our doors officially to the public on July 1st of 2011. Please come by for a chat or some diving if you like.

Our grand opening party will be October 15th of 2011 when we have two weeks filled with special offers, music and a real house warming party. Please have a look at our web page to see latest images and to hear what is going on.

Our ProTec Dive Center and Advanced Training Facility in Tulum is featuring items and areas we are happy to have and use … and share with our friends, students and customers.

– Fill Station – Our fill station is open and operational by July 1st of 2011. We offer air fills and nitrox fills through our L & W 16 cft compressor. For our Ean32 production we use the continous blending method via a nitrox stick and then stored in a bank to provide Ean32 on tap. Higher oxygen percentage blending such an Ean50 is done utilizing the partial pressure blending method. Pure oxygen fills are available up to 200 bar / 3000 psi via our booster pump. A dedicated analyzing and gas log area is in place as well as a large tank storage area for our friends and customers who like to leave their tanks with us while diving or away.

– Classrooms – We have two classrooms with plenty of space to provide a positive and conductive learning environment with online computers and a/c.

– Retail area – In our dedicated retail area we have enough space to show all the dive gear we are selling. We offer the full line of Dive Rite dive gear as well as selected Golem Gear dive gear amongst other quality recognized dive gear manufacturers. Our stocked retail dive gear will focus on cave, rebreather, wreck and technical diving including adapters, fittings and hardware mostly needed for rebreather diving.

– Rebreather assembly area and workshop – As we are active Rebreather divers ourselfs it became important to us from the outset to provide a dedicated area for Rebreather divers to assemble, dry, disinfect and store their Rebreathers in a safe grease and oil free environment. This assembly and storage area is next to, but seperated from, the wet storage units and rinse area where the rest of the dive gear is stored with minimum walking distance to your vehicle.

– Wet storage and rinse area – Where to leave our dive gear during the time when we are not diving was an importand factor as well. We created a wet storage and rinse area where our Instructors and students / customers alike can leave their dive gear in a ventilated and safe area. Each of the mini storage units has a lockable door, a power outlet with 110 & 220 Volt and enough space to store three large plastic crates in them. It is literally only a few steps from the storage and rinse area to your vehicle.

Apart to have storage space for our students in training we offer mini storage bodegas that can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This might be interesting for divers who come to Mexico frequently but don’t want to carry all their dive gear with them all the time.

– Reception – The central reception area is the nerve center and hub of our facility where our staff can be found in order to assist you with your diving and non-diving needs. The reception is located next to the retail area as well as offices, classrooms and both bathrooms. Our reserved and secured five parking spots are just outside the reception area.

– Office – And yes, we do have an office where the administration is handled as well as most of the emails being answered from. The office is right next door to the reception area.

For any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email to

ProTec Tulum Staff and Employees
We are happy to have our new staff members Rosso and Lena Ericson with us at the ProTec Tulum Facility.

– Rosalino Rivera Hernandez a.k.a. Rosso, born in Mexico who speaks fluent English besides his native Spanish is a intro to cave diver currently who will be in charge of the day to day running of our ProTec Tulum Facility. Rosso has been working for the Cenote Dive Center previously.

– Lena Ericson, born is Sweden who speaks fluent English and Spanish besides her native Swedish is a Full cave Instructor taking care of our cave students or guests who like to enjoy our guided cave diving services. Lena has been working for Aquatech previously. For Lena’s C.V. please click here.

– Kim Davidsson, born in Sweden who speaks fluent English and Spanish besides his native Swedish. Kim is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum as well as a Technical cave Instructor. Kim will be largely responsible for the storage and rinse area including the mini storage units. Kim has been self employed previously. For Kim’s C.V. click here.

– Patrick Widmann, born in Austria who speaks fluent English, Spanish and French besides his native Austrian German. Patrick is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum as well as a Technical cave, Adv. cave, CCR cave and Trimix Instructor as well as a Adv. Eanx & Cavern Instructor Trainer. Patrick is largely responsable for the retail section. Patrick has been working out of ProTec Playa and will continue to do so. For Patrick’s C.V. click here.

– Andreas W. Matthes a.k.a. Matt, born in Germany who speaks fluent English and Spanish besides his native German. Matt is one of the owners of ProTec Tulum as well as a Technical cave, Adv. cave, CCR cave, Rebreather and Trimix Instructor as well as a Trimix, Technical cave, Adv. cave, CCR cave, Rebreather and Trimix Instructor Trainer. Matt is largely responsable for the administrational part of ProTec. Matt has been working out of ProTec Playa and will continue to do so. For Matt’s C.V. please click here.

For more information about our Staff at ProTec Tulum please visit our web page. For any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email to

ProTec Playa 10 year aniversary
At times we wonder where the time went and what we have done with it but in this case the calender is telling us the truth. We are happy to have achived our 10 year official open to the public aniversary with ProTec Playa in Playa del Carmen.

From our humble beginning to our current state of operation and expansion we had always one clear goal in mind: The satisfaction of of our friends, students and customers, to not treat them any different on how we would like to be treated being in a similar location, environment or situation as well as quality proffesional diving instruction and support following the highest and up to date techniques, technolocy, philosophy and standards in a proffesional, conductive and positive learning environment.

We would like to thank all of our friends, students and customers to trust us with your choice of diving and training with us. We certainly had a great time having you with us.

ProTec STEALTH Sidemount gear
We are happy to anounce that we are finally ready with our own ProTec Sidemount gear, the STEALTH Sidemount gear. Patrick was designing the STEALTH Sidemount gear for six month in cooperation with the EQUES dive gear manufacturer, followed by a 18 month testing and redesigning period. The STEALTH Sidemount gear is produced by the EQUES dive gear manufacturer located in Poland. EQUES is known for quality and durable dive gear products.

The STEALTH Sidemount gear is a modular system with our STEALTH Sidemount harness featuring integrated weight pockets on the back that are secured with zipper and our STEALTH Sidemount lower back power inflated buoyancy device with a lift capacity of 44 lbs / 18 kg. A seperate hardware kit includes all the nececary hardware and butt plate to get the STEALTH Sidemount gear into the water where it belongs.

The STEALTH Sidemount lower back buoyancy device can as well be used by CCR Rebreather divers as a seperate and additional buoyancy device who need more lift on the lower end of their Rebreather.

We offer our students and customers who take a Sidemount course with us or buy the STEALTH Sidemount kit in our ProTec Dive Centers in Playa del Carmen or Tulum a free assembly workshop. Check out our web page for more information our ProTec Sidemount configuration or Sidemount videos using our ProTec STEALTH Sidemount gear kit.

To order the STEALTH Sidemount harness with zipper closing weight integrated pockets on the back for $ 299.00 usd.

To order the STEALTH Sidemount power inflator lower back buoyancy device for $ 299.00 usd.

To order the STEALTH Sidemount hardware kit including all d-rings, weight sliders, power inflator, crotch strap and butt plate for $ 159.00 usd.

To order the complete STEALTH Sidemount gear package for $ 729.00 usd and safe $ 30 usd.

All STEALTH Sidemount components can be purchased directly from us in our ProTec Facilities in either Playa del Carmen or Tulum or via the online shopping option on our Sidemount web page using the PayPal buy now buttons, or via email and international shipping and money wire transfer. Please inquire prior ordering for availability and shipping time as well as the exact FedEx or DHL shipping rates to your location before ordering the STEALTH Sidemount components. As an alternative you can pick up your STEALTH Sidemount gear at our ProTec locations in Playa del Carmen or Tulum and receive a free assembly workshop.

For any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email to

The GoPro video cameras
We are using the GoPro HD video cameras for over 6 month and they are working like a charm. The recent upgrade that we did to them was a new operating system software and the very cool LCD screen that attaches to the back of the camera.

The GoPro video camera is very usefull to us as a teaching aid as we can take video clips of student during training without the need to hold on to the camera as it comes with a head strap and camera mounting system thus allowing us to focus entirely on our student and operate the camera hands free.

Patrick has started using a video editing software before the clips are launched on our YouTube channels and the result is quite nice. Please visit our ProTec Playa YouTube channel and our ProTec Tulum YouTube channel. For any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email to

Visitors, Friends, Bits & Pieces
– The Highway 307 overpass construction is finally done and the overpass is open to the public since May 1st of 2011. It makes the transit and through traffic through Playa del Carmen a breeze when heading from Cancun to Tulum of vice versa. Super nice, super easy and not a single speed bump all the way. The speed limit on the overpass is set at 80 km/h.

– Chris from Poland was here with his team to push “the Pit” and “Blue Abyss” into uncharted terretory on his dual HammerHead Rebreather.
– Christoph from Austria did a bunch of ccr cave diving on his HammerHead Rebreather.
– Arthur from Poland was here with a group of friends.
– Anja from Russia did a bunch of cave diving and filming with her friends from Russia.

Continuing Education for ProTec Staff
As we conitnue to strife to perfect our own technique and skill, to expand our own personal horizons. We ourselfs take continuing education programs to further our own knowledge.

Patrick became a Survey Instructor to better pass on his knowledge of how cave survey date can be entered into electronic cave survey programs and then imported into the Google Earth software in order to display the cave survey data on Google Earth Satelite images.

Scheduled Training Programs
These training programs below are scheduled and confirmed training programs with spaces still available. We do have the capacity to organize a large variety of diver and Instructor courses besides these scheduled training programs in either Playa or Tulum.

ProTec Playa more info or bookings please email us to

July 2011
– CCR rebreather course July 1st – 6th
– Normoxic trimix course July 8th – 11th
– Cave II course July 16th – 20th
– CCR cave cross over course July 19th – 22nd

August 2011
– Full cave course August 3rd – 10th

October 2011
– Normoxic trimix course in sidemount October 2nd – 5th
– Basic sidemount course October 13th – 15th
– Advanced sidemount course October 16th – 18th

December 2011
– Sidemount cave Instructor course December 14th – 15th
– DPV cave Instructor course December 16th – 17th
– Intro to cave Instructor Trainer course December 18th – 20th

ProTec Tulum more info or bookings please email us to

July 2011
– Full cave course July 23rd – 30th

August 2011
– Intro to cave course August 6th – 10th

– CCR rebreather cave cross over course October 3rd – 6th

IANTD Instructor & IT Training
ProTec Advanced Training Facilities located in Playa del Carmen and Tulum continue to schedule, provide and conduct quality diving proffesional leadership and Instructor training programs in the form of IANTD Instructor Developement Courses IDC’s, Instructor Evaluation Courses IEC’s and Instructor Trainer Courses ITC’s to the levels of Essential, Openwater, Advanced Nitrox, Normoxic & Hypoxic Trimix, Intro to cave & Technical cave, Rebreather cave, Rebreather MOD I & MOD II for a variety of CCR units, Advanced & Technical wreck, Advanced cave DPV, Sidemount and Stage / Multi stage Instructor amongst others.

The IDC’s and IEC’s are conducted by IT’s Nando, Patrick and Matt while the ITC’s are conducted by ITT Matt.

ProTec Dive Center – Playa
Calle 4 between Avenida 25 y 30
Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Q. Roo – 77710
Tel. & Fax +52-984-8031168

ProTec Dive Center – Tulum
Avenida Satelite corner Calle Tun-Kul
Tulum, Mexico, Q. Roo. – 77780
Tel. ++52-984.8712368

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Creation and construction of ProTec Tulum Divecenter Mexico

Hello everyone, here it goes. My first ever entry for a blog, how did we get here and what are we trying to accomplish?
My name is Kim Davidsson and I am one of the three partners in the new dive shop, ProTec Tulum. Funny how life goes sometimes, I remember it like yesterday even though it’s quite a while back now. Me and Patrick were resurveying and exploring in a cave called “Lycka” when I asked him the question, “how come you don’t make a ProTec in Tulum”? Patrick smiled and answered, “how do you know we are not thinking about it and how do you know we are not thinking about possibly doing something with you”? Wow, I got a serious head rush from what he said, felt the adrenalin and the stomach shrunk. “What did he just say”? I thought for myself and the real question for me was, “what do I really want to do, for me and for my family”? And “What can I do for me, my family and ProTec Tulum”?
Time passed, we had meetings, we wrote emails, we discussed back and forth. I decided it was a go and I decided it was a no, we went about 360 degrees on everything a few times but what really struck me was the more we talked and planned the more I realized that we share some great ideas and values and it really felt like we were in the process of creating something very, very cool and unique. As a team we complement each other very well. What I felt was that I, with my two partners have the chance to create the dive shop of our dreams. I realized that I have the opportunity to take it to “the next level” and being part and create something great, ProTec Tulum. Once I finally flipped the switch in my head about becoming a shop owner and that it’s also the right decision for my future and family, there was no turning back and at the moment it feels nothing but right and I would not have it any other way…
So “heads up” and “buckle up” because as of right now we are at “full power” and the goal is set, we will make a “kick ass” shop!

So back to the main point, what are we trying to accomplish and what does a “dream shop” or “kick ass” shop mean for us?
Here are our thoughts and most important to us, what do you think about them? If you have any suggestions or ideas please don’t be shy to email us, help us create your “dream shop” to…
How about:

  • Creating a 200m2 big lounge area and meeting point for local and visiting divers on the roof of the shop. We will arrange events, BBQ´s, have Wifi, hammocks, sofas, tables, shaded areas and just a nice place to chill after diving. This area will be independent from the shop and access will be through a spiral staircase from the outside and believe us, EVERYONE is welcome! As long as you are a nice individual.
  • Full retail area and we will try to have a packed shop at all times. Whatever you might need, we want to have it for you.
  • CCR area and camera area, special room equipped and setup for your pre dive and post care needs.
  • All the tanks and any sizes to accommodate all flavors and needs.
  • Big and spacious local that is easy to find and access and close to the best cave diving in the world. It also has excellent parking options. Besides the shops 4 private parking spaces it is located on a huge street.
  • Arrangement of workshops and seminars and special diving theme weeks.
  • Wet area equipped for equipment wash down and drying.
  • Workshop area where you can fix with your equipment, fully equipped with tools.
  • Two comfortable, nice and modern interactive classrooms with big screens and computers for video debriefings and presentations.
  • Fill station with ALL the gases you ever could need and to any pressure.
  • Equipment storage area where you can safely store and charge your equipment. During courses and guiding you get your own mini storage unit that you safely can lock. Each storage unit will accommodate up to three divers. They are also available for a daily, weekly or monthly rent for independent divers, doing their own thing.
  • One place, one solution for all your needs to any level of diving and training. We are almost there and we are thinking to open the doors and have the grand opening June 1st. We will of course sneak open before that and we will start working out of the shop in the beginning of May. So what are you waiting for? Come join us at our new shop and let us show you some new places or teach you some new things, we are looking forwards to possible seeing you in Tulum.

Thanks for the word / Kim Davidsson

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