Jake Bulman


Jake comes to us from a suburb of Winnipeg, Canada called Southdale. While there are no oceans around, he became at home in the water during his summers at the cabin on Lake of The Woods, and at the Southdale pool where he would later work.

As a kid, his only exposure to diving was watching family members dive off of the end of the dock to fetch dropped tools. It wasnt until a family vacation to Mexico when the idea of diving really started to appeal.

In 2008, Jake started working as a swim instructor/lifeguard, then began teaching lifeguarding courses in 2011 after highschool. In 2014, he did his Open Water course in a small body of 4C water, in a wetsuit. While he knew he enjoyed the ediving, there was nothing enjoyable about that experience.

After 7 years of teaching swimming/lifeguarding, and graduated from Business School, it was time for something new. Jake then travelled to Utila, Honduras to complete his Instructor Course with Andy Phillips, and remained there for 2  years working as a full time instructor. During those years he developed a taste for technical diving, and spent many hours hunting lionfish on the sub-40m reefs.

In October of 2016 Jake travelled to Florida to do a KISS Sidekick crossover, and complete both CCR and OC cave courses with Jon Bernot. By the time he left Florida, he had decided he was moving somewhere with cave diving. This led him to Mexico, and ProTec. Without a job lined up, or many local connections, he packed up and moved to Playa Del Carmen. The day he landed in Playa, while waiting for his bags to arrive on the next bus, he walked over to ProTec and introduced himself to Patrick Widmann. Following some advice from Patrick, the next year was spent doing as much cave diving as possible. 8 months later he reached out to Protec to complete his Stage Cave course in December 2017, and he joined the team soon after.

In his free time, you can find him doing the same thing as he does for work. Cave diving.


Instructor Certifications

  • PADI Staff Instructor
  • PADI Tec Trimix Instructor
  • PADI Rebreather Instructor – Poseiden mkvi/7
  • IANTD Trimix Instructor
  • IANTD Rebreather Instructor – KISS Sidekick
  • PSAI ABC Instructor
  • PSAI Open Water Sidemount Instructor



  • NSS-CDS Full Cave Diver
  • IANTD CCR Cave Diver
  • IANTD Normoxic CCR Diver
  • PSAI Stage Cave Diver
  • Participant in the 2019 Madagascar project to map Vintani Cave


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