Tamara May


Tamara is originally from Australia, Melbourne born and raised. Her mother from Papua New Guinea and a diver herself, Tamara had stories of diving wrecks from the war and amazing reefs of her motherland instilled in her from a young age. And so the curiosity started..

This has taken Tamara on a world wide adventure since becoming a professional diver having dived the reefs of Thailand, Maldives, South Sinai, Italy, wrecks & caves of Thailand, Malta/Gozo, Sardinia, France, Spain, Australia and Mexico.

The journey began in Thailand, completing her wreck and cavern/cave courses as soon as the possibility was given, to then go on working as a PADI Staff Instructor and Tec Instructor.

Later to Dahab – Egypt to gain experience for Trimix diving and support diving also to become a TDI Decompression Procedures and Sidemount Instructor.

Tamara moved to Mexico to continue her passion for cave diving in 2014.

The opportunity to work as a Technical and Sidemount Instructor landed her a full time position in Portofino, Italy for the summer season of May – October of 2015.

Now based in Tulum, Quintana Roo she works here a cave guide, recreational and technical instructor often involved in underwater video and photo shoots as lighting, photographers assistant or model.

The curiosity never subsides, she currently working on a trip back to her mothers homeland to dive the sunken wrecks and hidden gems of Papua New Guinea.


Instructor Levels:
TDI Decompression Procedures

TDI Tec Sidemount
PADI Staff Instructor
PADI Tec Deep

SSI Dive Control Specialist
Divers Levels:
TDI Advanced Trimix
IANTD Advanced Stage Cave

Ocean Reef Full Face Diver and Communication

PADI Gas Blender