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ProTec Team is getting press in the USA and Austria

After appearing together with Kim in the online version if the New York Times for a scientific project in Belize, Patrick was contacted by the Austrian Newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” who was interested in Patrick Widmann’s explorations and general life style.

They published a two page spread covering Patrick’s stations in life from Austria to Egypt and Mexico. As well as the many projects he was and is involved in.

The article is written in German and parts of it are a bit wrong but one has to consider that the person who wrote it never dove in her life and we only had a 30min time window for the interview so some things got mixed up. But all in all a very nice article with good pictures.

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Straight to the million dollar questions. How is the current situation in Mexico? What is really going on in Mexico? Are all these horrible things we read, hear and see on the news true? If it is, can I safely travel to Mexico? First of all, where do I come from answering these questions? Am I a hungry dive shop owner, trying to lure you to Mexico? Or am I an honest, responsible and worried father of 2 small children that I never, ever would put to any risk? Answer to that question is that I am the worried father.

Being originally from Sweden, I still read Swedish newspapers online and the picture that gets painted of Mexico as a WHOLE being an out of control, drug and gang war infested country with public murders just amazes me. This is simply not true. Is there a problem in Mexico, of course there is! Is that problem ALL over Mexico, of course IT IS NOT! I will not try to smooth the picture so much, situation is horrible, it is real and the horrible stuff you see on the news, does happen. But not in ALL Mexico, it happens in certain areas. I will honestly say that there are places in Mexico that I would not travel to at the moment. One of those places is unfortunately Monterrey where my wife comes from, situation is very bad there and our family, (her) family and friends have been affected, so the situation is for sure real.

But honestly the situation in the “Riviera Maya” and Yucatan is very safe and calm. I have never, ever felt any threat living here in the 8 years I have been here. In fact if it would not be for me reading the news I would not even know about the “narco terror”, “swine flu” or “economic crisis”, so how dangerous and serious are and were these things and how do or did they affect my life in Tulum? Answer is in no way, zero effect. So how dangerous can it be then? Again if it would not be for the news, I would not even know about them. I would call that SAFE!

Would I travel to the “Riviera Maya” with my family? Sure I would, without a doubt. That is why I continue living here. The day that changes I will write a new blog article, email everybody and just leave. “Any dive can be called at any time, for any reason and no questions asked”. I use that motto for life as well and if the situation would not allow for me to safely live here, I would leave. More for the kids than for me, but I would still leave.

There is a heightened presence of military personal, police and special police in the area. There are quite some road blocks on the way between Cancun and Tulum. This might be intimidating or scary if you are not used to it. But remember, we are with the good guys so just relax. They are there for us and our safety. A big part of the Mexican economy comes from tourism and the “Riviera Maya” in particular. So if there is any “holy” place for the government, I believe it is right here. This area will be the last one that possible gets “lost” because Mexico simply can’t afford to lose it.

If the “shit hits the fan”, I will be the first one to let you know, I promise.

So please take the news with a pinch of salt or in some cases a hand full. Lock your fears in the closet, take out the dive bag and come visit us and the cave paradise on earth!

Thanks for the word / Kim Davidsson

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