Tamara May


Tamara AKA ‘Dive Like A Ninja’ was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Discovered diving in 2010 whilst on a holiday to Thailand, on return to Australia she promptly bought a one way ticket back to Thailand and has since made a living of diving ever since.

This has taken Tamara on a world wide adventure since becoming a professional diver having dived the reefs, wrecks and caves Thailand, Maldives, Egypt, Italy, Malta, Gozo, Sardinia, France, Spain, Australia and Mexico.

Tamara has work as a Recreational and Technical diving instructor in Thailand, Egypt, Italy, Mexico and Australia.

As well as diving, Tamara has a fierce passion for all culinary experiences. Ask her for some local hot spots!


Instructor Levels:

  • TDI Decompression Procedures
  • TDI Tec Sidemount
  • PADI Staff Instructor
  • PADI Tec Deep
  • SSI Dive Control Specialist
  • PSAI Open Water Sidemount
  • PSAI Advanced Buoyancy Control


Diver Levels:

  • TDI Advanced Trimix
  • IANTD Advanced Multi-Stage Cave
  • PSAI CCR Mod1
  • Ocean Reef Full Face Diver and Communication
  • PADI Gas Blender
  • GUE Fundamentals


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